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Dispersion machine operation method

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A dispersion machine drive, preparation work before

  1, check whether the oil level filling dispersion machine to a prescribed position, low should be added to the specified level, high should be put to the specified location.

  2, check the appropriateness of triangle belt.

  3, use hand wheel impeller should be flexible rotation, no friction sound.

  4, check the fastener is loose and parts of the seal without leakage phenomenon.

  5, open the dispersion machine main motor, check the stirring rotation direction with the equipment required in the same direction.

  6, confirm the above inspection work without error rear drive.

  In two, drive

  In 1, the impeller on the dispersion machine container center position, press the down button, down to the lowest position or therequirements of the position.

  In 2, two handle must be locked to drive.

  In 3, a main motor, speed according to the operation needs to press the button,

  4, dispersing machine operation should always pay attention to current, such as the discovery of overload operation, should stop to check the reasons, measures and continue running dispersion machine.

  Three, parking

  In 1, the first stop of main motor, make all stops rotating impeller.

  In 2, a dispersing machine up button, the impeller rise to containers, clean the impeller

  Four, dispersing machine maintenance:

  In 1, a triangle belt should be equal in length, in a transmission box, elastic appropriate, tighten the slide bolt, the upper cover is covered.

  2, if the long-term parking equipment need not, must cut off the power supply, all clean, the lubricate oil, spindle and cylinder oiler.

  In 3, 46# hydraulic oil tank, each half of a replacement, and clean the oil tank, filter cleaned once a month, in the oil within two or three days after the cleaning time.

  4, dispersing machine rotating part of the gear, bearing, ball bearing, a shaft and a shaft sleeve and cylinder, weekly oil again, found in the use of overheat or abnormal noise should be timely inspection.

  5, such as the overloaded and thermal relay has operated parking, need to press the " reset" button thermal relay, to continue operation.

  6, AC contactor checked every 6 months, one year repair device using one.

  In 7, regularly check the dispersion machine wearing parts, such as bearings, oil seals, was found to have worn the immediate replacement.

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