Special grinding machine for lithium iron phosphate anode material 1000L

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Product Introduction

Product advantages

Effective grinding process

Grinding media separation, more effective grinding process.

New design

The newly designed OCS centrifugal separation unit provides a higher flow rate.

Discharge smoothness

Pretend ultrasonic device to ensure smooth discharge.

Fine grinding

Achieve more efficient fine grinding and narrow particle size distribution after grinding.

Video Appreciation

Technical parameters

Model[L]   Direct drive 1000
Effective Volume[L]   1000
Host Power[kw] * 650/690
Media Diameter[mm] * 0.2-1.2
Linear Speed[m/s](Adjustable) * 0-16.5
Dimension[mm] L 5700
K 1900
H 1900
Weight[kg] Weight[kg] 15000
*Depends on the viscosity of the ground material, grinding conditions, pump transport form and other factors