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Disk sander | choose Pengyi intelligent, nano-level grinding, stable and sustainable production!

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Environmental protection, energy saving, intelligent grinding equipment and production lines have become the future demand direction of the powder material industry.

For example, lithium battery cathode materials, coatings, medicine, food and other industries, all need to fine grinding materials to carry out the next step, many manufacturers in order to improve production efficiency, but also need to upgrade the grinding equipment, today, Pengyi will bring you a large flow disk sand mill, to help production enterprises, improve production capacity, save costs.

Disk sander/high flow sander

The disc sander is suitable for fine grinding and dispersion of water-based and solvent-based materials with large flow, medium and high viscosity.

Application fields: automotive paint, paint, industrial paint, metal paint screen printing ink, electronic ink pigment, dye, color paste and other industries.

Equipment characteristics

■ Compact, stable welding structure, practical and beautiful;

■ Well-designed disc dispersion mechanism, so that the grinding medium and the material in the dispersion between the strong energy exchange, so as to achieve the ultrafine grinding of the material;

■ Advanced large flow separation screen structure, to ensure production, no blockage;

■ Integrated double mechanical seal, lubricant can be selected according to material characteristics;

■ High wear-resistant grinding inner cylinder and disperser can be easily replaced, the material is alloy steel, ceramic, polymer, stainless steel and other options;

■ Spiral water circulation channel, multi-part cooling water setting, heat dissipation performance;

■ Full explosion-proof button control and scientific PLC touch screen control can be selected;

■ Feed pressure, discharge temperature, sealing lubricating oil tank level and other parts of the safety control.

Pengyi main grinding and mixing equipment, in addition to a single piece of equipment, but also for material production enterprises from the feeding, batching, transportation, coarse grinding, fine grinding, packaging and other aspects of the core intelligent equipment and overall solutions, to help customers build digital workshop, intelligent factory. Pengyi has successfully cooperated with hundreds of material enterprises, equipment and production lines have been praised, rich experience, success can be replicated.

Pengyi has rich experience and successful cases in production line design and manufacturing, more rigorous and scientific control of the details of production line design, and high equipment maturity, which can provide new ideas for the in-depth study of the material powder industry and enable the industry to accelerate development.