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After a long time of on-site demonstration, Pengyi nano-grinding equipment has been recognized by many enterprises in the industry and the material field, and has reached a stable and long-term cooperation with many leading enterprises.

Since Pengyi started to get involved in the field of pesticides, Pengyi technical team has invested a lot of energy in the direction of grinding pesticide preparations. Before putting a lot of equipment into the market, Pengyi has done multiple research experiments.

Compared with the sale of equipment, the company is more willing to go into an industry, not a shallow "know", but a deep "understanding", the sale of equipment is only assembled mechanical parts, and the integration of the chemical process, grinding principle and mechanical design of the grinding program is the most willing to share with users.

Pengyi focuses on research and development in the field of preparation production, and has been committed to providing customers with targeted solutions for many years. In the field of pesticide preparations, especially pesticide suspension agents, Pengyi has targeted process programs and equipment, whose goal is to meet customer needs and solve customer pain points.

Pengyi has developed a series of equipment such as pesticide sanding machine, online dispersion machine, transfer tank, etc., which solves the key equipment problems from raw material transportation, dispersion, grinding to deployment and other process links, and provides the overall EPC service. High grinding efficiency, large output, small investment, low energy consumption, and no dust, the whole workshop, automatic intelligent, pollution-free.

▎ Wide range of application

Widely used in nano new materials, ceramic ink, electronic ceramics, dyes, colorants, pesticides, alumina, zirconia and other industries.

▎ Product features

● The grinding structure is wear-resistant and durable, and the equipment runs stably: the double-end mounted mechanical seal provides more stable mechanical properties and improves the durability of the equipment;

● Temperature control: ceramic rotor and cylinder good thermal conductivity and triple cooling system, can strictly control the temperature of the finished product, suitable for temperature sensitive materials;

● Intelligent PLC control system: accurate parts processing, precision coordination of each part, to ensure the smooth operation of equipment, no vibration, no noise;

● High linear speed: strong shear force;

● Frequency conversion control: energy and cost savings.

Pengyi has a decentralized grinding laboratory to provide customers with professional test and pilot test services, including grinding effect assessment, formula verification and improvement, particle size distribution analysis, test results amplification, etc., to provide customers with clear and accurate data, reduce customers' early workload, avoid selection errors, and accumulate data for industrial production.

Laboratory test reservation hotline: 18833553201