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Lithium iron phosphate sanding machine | lithium iron phosphate material market hot, enterprises have expanded production, Pengyi intelligent equipment sanding machine efficiency increased by 30%-50%!

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The two major markets of power and energy storage are rising rapidly, and the demand for lithium iron phosphate materials is expanding. It is expected that by 2025, China's lithium iron phosphate material shipments will exceed 1.7 million tons, with a compound annual growth rate of more than 50%.

The huge demand growth space attracts more and more companies to join the lithium iron phosphate material circuit. Since last year, a large number of chemical enterprises including Longbai Group, Chuanfa Dragon Python, Longpan Technology and so on have entered the game, aiming at the huge demand in the future, and have given a huge amount of capacity planning.

With the new round of capacity expansion, the automation, intelligence, and entire line delivery of material supporting equipment are facing unprecedented challenges:


Single-line capacity scale

First, on the scale of single-line production capacity, the single-line production capacity of lithium iron phosphate materials continues to increase, and how to adapt to the single-line production requirements has become an important challenge for supporting enterprises.


Core equipment

The second is to improve the performance requirements of the core equipment, for example, in the grinding core process segment, there are currently low grinding efficiency, large wear, easy to block material, mechanical seal leakage, heat dissipation and other pain points, how to improve product consistency and quality stability through the technical upgrade of the core equipment is also imminent.


Reduce carbon and consumption

Third, the requirements for carbon reduction and consumption increase, the production of cathode materials is already a high-energy industry, carbon neutral pressure, the material field of carbon reduction and consumption has been imperative.

In the expansion tide of lithium iron phosphate materials, a "lithium iron phosphate high-flow sand mill" provided by Pengyi Intelligence has entered the production line of a number of head material enterprises, enabling its large-scale manufacturing, and has been highly praised by a number of leading enterprises.

Pengyi Intelligent has been engaged in the research and development of lithium iron phosphate material equipment, in order to overcome the industry "stuck neck" technology, it has invested a lot of money, launched the lithium iron phosphate anode material sanding machine.

This new generation of high-efficiency nano wet grinding equipment developed for the characteristics of lithium iron phosphate materials, compared with the current market mainstream competitive products, whether in efficiency, stability, or cost reduction, has shown a very obvious advantage.

Lithium iron phosphate sand mill


Increase grinding efficiency by 30%-50%.

The sand mill is developed and designed by Pengyi intelligent owner, which effectively solves the problems such as overheating of cavity, blocking of material, grinding particle size unable to reach nanometer level, wide particle size distribution, and difficult separation of grinding medium and material in the grinding process. Under the same grinding materials and the same grinding particle size requirements, the efficiency of the Peng wing sander is 30%-50% higher than that of the traditional sander.


High equipment stability.

Combined with the self-developed disorderly flow field model, based on computational fluid dynamics, Pengyi numerically analyzed the speed of zirconium ball at any point in the sanding machine chamber, the pressure and temperature in the chamber, the torque of the rotor, the solid content of the material, the input flow, the discharge flow, and the power, etc., to ensure the barrier-free separation of the grinding medium and the material in the production of the sanding machine. Smooth discharge, no plugging, inorganic sealing leakage, greatly improve the stability of the production process, effectively avoid the formation of faults during operation, enhance the durability of equipment.


Multi-dimensional cost reduction.

Due to the large production capacity of single equipment, the number of input can be reduced and the initial input cost of material enterprises can be reduced. The grinding chamber adopts special wear-resistant material, which can greatly improve the service life of the rotor, reduce the wear of the grinding medium, and extend the service life of the equipment; Grinding temperature control, equipment unit energy consumption can be reduced by about 20%.

Pengyi intelligent laboratory nano sand mill is free and open to provide customers with material grinding experiments before equipment purchase, and the experimental data can be directly amplified in production, providing powerful data reference for customer procurement decisions, helping customers to do a good job in advance of production income assessment, scientific planning of production.